The theme of the first edition of the Dolomites UNESCO LabFest was haymaking.

For the debut of LabFest the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation chose a practical theme, linked to the earth, both ancient and modern. Right from the start the Foundation’s aim was to tell the real story of these mountains, by-passing all those stereotypical, picture-postcard images and involving the people who live and work in the Dolomites all year round, not always the easiest of lifestyles.

For #HAYMAKING we were lucky enough to enjoy nearly three gloriously sunny days in an extremely rainy summer and it was a great success thanks to the enthusiasm and hard work of dozens of volunteers and many of the residents of La Val, in Val Badia (Alto Adige/Südtirol).

The #HAYMAKING discussions ranged far and wide, from management of the meadowlands and care for the landscape to depopulation and subsequent return to the mountains, both traditional and contemporary issues. The festival offered excursions, concerts, shows featuring minstrels, balladeers and acrobats, film shows, eco-friendly building workshops, meetings and lectures.

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