29 Aug 2015
Town Hall, Auronzo di Cadore


Presentation of the first report on the participatory process #DOLOMITES2040 organised by the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation.

In 2016 the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation will be presenting the Overall Management Strategy for the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site to UNESCO. In view of this appointment, in May and June of this year the Foundation organised a series of 11 participatory meetings held all over the Dolomites. From the Dolomites of Friuli to Brenta, the inhabitants of the Pale Mountains were invited to take part in a joint reflection on the fundamental issues for the present and the future of these mountains. The participants discussed tourism, socio-economic development, relationship-building and active conservation of the landscape. They worked together to come up with images and ideas for the Dolomites of 2040.

The first report on the participatory process #DOLOMITES2040 and the results it achieved will be presented at the Dolomites UNESCO LabFest.

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