28 Aug 2015
Cinema Kursaal, Auronzo di Cadore


The UNESCO Dolomites Foundation will be inaugurating the first edition of the festival-workshop for the people and of the people of the Dolomites.

Now in its second year, after “Edition Zero” LabFest #HAYMAKING, held in September 2014 in Val Badia, the show moves to the Province of Belluno, and is dedicated to the theme of borders.

On the centenary of the Great War in the Dolomites, those front lines immediately spring to mind, in which a border is a sign of conflict marking out differences. However, in the Dolomites, historically and again today, a border is a meeting place, in which knowledge is exchanged, where differences are explored and discussed. Today the mountain environment is the ideal space in which to come to terms with one’s own borders, with those personal limits of exertion, strength and physical ability.

Also taking part in the inauguration of the Dolomites UNESCO LabFest will be Dolomiti SuperSummer, the summer packages offered by Dolomiti Superski.
Dolomiti SuperSummer has brought together a network of one hundred lift facilities, some of which can also carry bicycles, making them accessible with a single pass, the lift card, to promote their use during the summer season and to provide a practical alternative to the use of private cars.
The presentation will emphasise the treasure trove of culture, sport and natural history that is the Dolomites, introducing the project “Capture your Thrills”. A workshop in digital story-telling dedicated to local tourist operators gave rise to 12 videos encouraging the online public to get involved. The best videos shot by the public for #SuperSummer #CaptureYourThrills will be shown at the Trento Film Festival autumn event in Bolzano.

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