NON TI FARO’ ASPETTARE (I won’t make you wait) by NIVES MEROI

30 Aug 2015
Piazza Santa Giustina / Town Hall, Auronzo di Cadore

NON TI FARO’ ASPETTARE (I won’t make you wait) by NIVES MEROI

Nives Meroi will be talking about her latest book, a story of mountaineering, love and inner growth, set on the third highest peak on earth.

In the book Non ti farò aspettare, Nives Meroi tells the story of the postponed conquest of the world’s third highest peak, Kangchenjunga. It all started in 2009 when, in competition with two other female mountaineers to become the first woman to conquer the world’s fourteen peaks over 8000 metres, Nives Meroi gave up on Kangchenjunga. Because just a few metres from the summit her husband Romano, her partner in both life and mountaineering, wasn’t feeling well. Non ti farò aspettare is not just a tale of love and inner growth, it is also the story of free-climbing, basic, no-frills mountaineering, without porters and oxygen, an honest confrontation with the mountain and with oneself and one’s own limitations.

Presenter Fausta Slanzi

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