SEGNI NEL TEMPO (Signs in Time) Allegro_ Sambin_ Tam Teatromusica

28 Aug 2015
Cinema Kursaal, Auronzo di Cadore

SEGNI NEL TEMPO (Signs in Time) Allegro_ Sambin_ Tam Teatromusica

A stage show with music about Alexander Langer, by Michele Sambin and Pierangela Allegro.

Alexander Langer was a man who explored frontiers, who leapt over walls, who built bridges. Born in Vipiteno, in Alto Adige (South Tyrol), the son of a non-practising Jewish father and a profoundly non-religious mother, he was bilingual, a pacifist, ecologist, translator and European politician. He worked for years to overcome borders of all kinds – between the different language communities of Alto Adige, between the conflicting nationalisms in former Yugoslavia, between both the North and the South and the East and the West of this world.

Twenty years from his death, performers Michele Sambin and Pierangela Allegro, who got to know Langer in 1994 as part of a prison theatre project in Padua, have dedicated a theatre event to the explorer of borders, specially created for the Dolomites UNESCO LabFest #BEYONDBORDERS.

The show features voices and sounds interwoven with video projections, light shows and live performances, blending the rigour of following a script with the vitality of improvisation, breaking down the boundaries between the arts on stage. The ideal figure for holding together all the various signs in time is Alexander Langer. Re-reading his writings, learning about his actions and following in his tracks may well, in these troubled times, be of help in untying the knots that afflict us.

Introduced by Fausta Slanzi.

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